Askar Sheibani

Job Role
Independent Governor


Appointed January 2016

Askar Sheibani is the Chief Executive of the Comtek Group which has its Head Office in Deeside.

An entrepreneur from age 8, Askar created Comtek over 25 years ago in a garden shed. The Comtek Group now has offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Deeside, Reading and Belfast, and has recently expanded to Silicon Valley, USA through the acquisition of Sorrento Networks, a leading telecoms R&D and manufacturing company. Comtek has seen an impressive growth rate recently. It has created outstanding, cutting edge, world class telecommunications technology centres.

Askar has been appointed by the Business Minister to promote entrepreneurship and business start-ups in Wales. He has been business advisor to the Secretary of State for Wales and various other UK Government Ministers. Askar is founder and Chair of Deeside Business Forum.