Why Choose a Short Course?

Students sitting in a workshop, hand modelling ceramics

There are lots of reasons to study a short course, from learning new skills to meeting new friends. But did you also know it’s a great stepping stone to further study at degree level? Here are our top reasons to choose a short course. 

It’s short

Yes, the clue is in the name! Short courses only take a matter of weeks to complete, so if you’re stretched for time but really want to get to grips with a new skill or topic, short courses are a perfect option.

Get a taste of university

All of our short courses will demonstrate your ability to study at university level, and all of them will have a positive effect on any application you make to study with us at degree level and beyond.

Boost your credits

A number of short courses are credit-bearing – this means that if you were to decide to go further and study a degree in a related subject, your short course can count to the credits you need to apply.

Get back into the swing of things

If you did your degree several years ago and are interested in postgraduate study, but are worried that you’ve been out of education for some time, a short course with us might be just the thing to get your study skills back up to speed and prepare you for starting on a longer course in a few weeks or months’ time. 

Start a new chapter

Or, if you’ve never studied at university before and left education several years ago, a short course can provide an invaluable bridge from your previous education to the standard required on one of our foundation year programmes.

Grow in confidence

When you finish your short course, you’re sure to feel more confident about starting a university career, and the admissions team will be able to see that you’ve proven your ability to study at university level before they make you an offer for your chosen degree course.

Take a look at all of our current short courses here.

For more info about short courses or further advice on progressing to a full degree and beyond, just contact our admissions team on enquires@glyndwr.ac.uk and they’ll be happy to help.


Written by Andy Phillips, Admissions and Enquiry Manager at Wrexham Glyndŵr University.