The Wrexham Glyndŵr Graduate Framework has been designed to effectively help learners to understand the attitudes, attributes and skillsets they can develop at Wrexham Glyndŵr University, and equips students to achieve their career aspirations and professional potential.

It's for everyone

Students, graduates, and staff. Employability is a cross-cutting theme that percolates through key aspects of a person’s life, their career options and choices.

The Glyndŵr Graduate Framework supports individual career development learning, as individuals move towards achieving their career goals. It provides a structure to create lifelong learning, and works to future-proof WGU graduates as they search for ways to build their employability.

It is used throughout a student’s learning journey at WGU and beyond. The Framework is embedded into all academic programmes and is used by professional support services to enhance learning and opportunity support for students and graduates.

The framework consists of 15 elements, including 4 attributes, 5 attitudes and 6 skillsets:

Four Core Attributes

  • Creative - to be able to invent and develop original ideas to produce new and interesting outcomes.
  • Engaged - to be able to take responsibility for your outcomes and embrace opportunities to participate and develop.
  • Enterprising - to be able to take responsibility for your outcomes and embrace opportunities to participate and develop.
  • Ethical - to act in a caring and principled way, with integrity and respecting diversity; a global perspective and a commitment to avoid harm to others and the environment.

Five Core Attitudes

  • Adaptability - to respond to changing demands and drivers, both personally and globally, and to see yourself as a life-long learner on a continual journey.
  • Confidence - to have self-assurance arising from an appreciation of your own abilities and qualities.
  • Commitment - to decisively engage with activities and work towards your goals.
  • Curiosity - to have a desire to expand your knowledge and horizons, to understand the world more fully.
  • Resilience - to manage setbacks and recover from difficulties, and recognise that resilience is an attribute that you can develop.

Six Core Skillsets

  • Communication - to communicate effectively and appropriately for the intended purpose and audience- written, orally and across different media platforms. 
  • Critical Thinking - to apply logical principles, rigorous standards of evidence and careful reasoning to the analysis and discussion of claims.
  • Emotional Intelligence - to identify, understand and manage emotions, both in yourself and others.
  • Organisation - to effectively and efficiently plan, time-manage and execute projects, and appropriately prioritise competing demands.
  • Digital Fluency - to understand and be able to select and use the appropriate digital tools and technologies to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Leadership and Team Working - to work effectively within teams, giving effective support and leadership to your team members.

Current students can find out more on the student intranet.