(Short Course) Business Operations Management

Course details

  • Duration 8 weeks
  • Location Online

Why choose this course?

Business operations management is a key skill and knowledge area in an era where organisations are undergoing big, complex and interdependent changes.

Key course features

  • Learn business operations management skills and how to lead operations.
  • Explore ways to help your business establish and grow its offer in competitive markets.

What you will study

The content for the course will be delivered over the course of 8 weeks and will broadly address the following:

  • Introduction to Business Operations Management
  • Process flow and capacity management
  • Lean operations and quality control
  • Supply chain management
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Tool kits and techniques for business operations planning
  • Implementing a business operations plan prioritising human and material resources
  • Adapting to evolving risks and opportunities

The delivery will include:

  • 1 x recorded lecture per week
  • Supporting signposts to learning material on Moodle, such as links to videos (e.g. TED talks), a Moodle book if appropriate and further reading
  • Material to support the delivery of 6 x Asynchronous tutorials
  • Delivery of 2 x 2hr Dialogic forums. 

Entry requirements & applying

There are no entry requirements for this course; just an interest in the subject!

If you would like to find out more about future dates for this course please contact enterprise@glyndwr.ac.uk

Teaching & Assessment

The assessment is designed to enable students to apply the framework of their learning to their business. The 2,000 word assignment refers directly to the students' own business and actions that their business is taking to improve Business Operations Management.

There are three tasks that make up the Learning Log, which includes the requirement to submit a minimum of 200 words each week to the asynchronous tutorials.  The Learning Log will provide evidence of the students' own learning and skills development.  It is a record of what has been learned, tried and critically reflected upon and as such it should develop and evidence the student's own learning on the subject of Business Operations Management.

Fees & funding


Do you live in Wales? We have a number of funding opportunities available, please complete the form to find out if you are eligible to study this course for free. Apply now via this form.

Course dates