(Short Course) Coach Mentoring in Football

Course details

  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Location Wrexham
Football coaching students

Why choose this course?

Mentoring is a core principle of sports coaching education. This course allows you to develop your mentoring as a tool that can support the development of knowledge, skill and delivery of practitioners.

Key course features

What you will study

Within the module, students will explore the theoretical principles within coach mentoring practice, communication and feedback as a mentor and also when to challenge or support coaches.

The course will help provide the skillset and ability to support coaches within the applied environment. In turn, this will benefit the overall delivery of the coaches and subsequently help develop the performance of the players.

Entry requirements & applying

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Teaching & Assessment

Oral Assessment

The student will be presented with a hypothetical applied football coaching scenario with supporting material.

The scenario will highlight the following:

  • The topic of the session
  • The age and number of players involved
  • The level of performance 
  • The experience of the coach (current qualifications etc.)

The student will then utilise contemporary research and theory to discuss how they would act as a mentor within the scenario, drawing upon concepts and principles discussed within the module


During the course, the students will apply the theoretical practice within their own environment. The essay will describe the student’s mentoring practical experience, linking the theory to their own practice and highlighting their own strengths and areas of development for future practical application.

Fees & funding


Course dates

30th January 2023 - 10th April 2023