(Short Course) Equine First Aid & Stable Management

Course details

  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Location Northop
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A student with a horse in the stable

Why choose this course?

This course will expand students’ knowledge and education of the equine industry regarding treating and preventing injuries and illnesses in horses along with management skills of how to ensure the highest levels of equine welfare.

Key course features

  • This short course is suitable for private horse owners, people currently working within the equine industry or those with an interest in equine stable management and first aid for horses.
  • This course is run alongside Hampton Equine Vets in Malpas.
  • Get hands-on practical experience with treatments of wounds, specialised bandaging techniques, lameness identification and equine health checks.

What you will study

  • Stable Management and Equine First Aid - Health checks, Passports, Anatomy
  • Condition scoring and weighing - How to maintain a healthy weight, Ration formulation 
  • Weighing (weigh bridge) - Practical condition scoring, Assessing soundness
  • Emergency first aid - Caring for a horse on box rest
  • Common injuries and ailments - Treatment of common injuries and ailments
  • Bandaging and dressing wounds - Pre purchase vettings
  • Dental care - Foot care and shoeing 

Entry requirements & applying

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Teaching & Assessment

Practical first aid – demonstrate the ability to carry out health checks, including taking the horses Temperature, pulse and respiration, test for dehydration and circulation. Fit a first aid bandage and assess a horse for lameness.

Written Test - which will include questions relating to the management of horses requiring specialist care. This may include: Treatment of minor injuries and aliments, emergency first aid, health care plans, anatomy and dental and footcare. Multiple choice and short answer questions.

On weeks delivered at Hampton Vets and for the practical assessment please arrive prepared to handle horses, hats, gloves and suitable yard boots.

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