(Short Course) Introduction to Business Management

Course details

  • Duration 4 weeks
  • Location Wrexham
students with lecturer in class

Why choose this course?

Developing leadership and management skills are key to remaining productive and motivating yourself and your team. Our Introduction to Business Management short course is for those who are looking to broaden their leadership and management skills or for anyone looking for a taster course before joining one of business programmes.

Key course features

  • The course is delivered online for your flexibility, log in to the content as and when suits you and get interactive on the weekly forums.
  • Study for free.
  • Assessments are made as part of online discussions so there are no formal essays or assignments.

What you will study

Week 1 Introduction  (3 hours contact time)

  • Log in to the lecture all about to learn about Organisational Structure and Functions of management.
  • Discover this week’s reading – ‘Organisational Structure’ and take the online quiz.
  • Watch this week’s video all about the function of management and get interactive on the forum to discuss your views.
  • Engage in the interactive key learning point for this week and respond on the forum.

Week 2 We are all different (3 hours contact time)

  • Log in to the lecture all about the The Skills and characteristics of a manager.
  • Find out more about how tour personality influences your management style and get interactive on the forum to research.
  • Read this week’s article and watch the clip – respond to the forum and this week’s talking points.

Week 3 Emotional Intelligence (3 hours contact time)

  • Log in to the lecture - World Economic Forum future skills, and Emotional Intelligence for managers.
  • Undertake your action points for the week.
  • Read the latest case study and get thinking about how this applies to you.
  • Watch the clip all about leadership and respond to the online forum.

Week 4 – Manager vs Leaders (3 hours contact time)

  • Log in to the lecture – all about the differences between leadership and management.
  • Read the article and answer the questions.
  • Listen to the posted podcast and respond on the forum.

This flexible course offers a blended approach to learning, combining the convenience of e-learning with the interaction of classroom training. In person group sessions are held on the Glyndŵr campus in Wrexham providing an interactive platform for participating students to share their learning experience.

Entry requirements & applying

This short course requires that the student can allocate 3 hours per week to their study, but there is no requirement to be online at a specific time. 

To book onto this course, please visit the online store.


Teaching & Assessment

Assessment included in the interactive discussions and forum engagement.


Fees & funding


Course dates

Course 1: 14th March 2022

Course 2: 16th June 2022