(Short Course) Introduction to Photography & Photoshop

Course details

  • Duration 6 weeks
  • Location Wrexham
Photography student

Why choose this course?

This is a short course offering an affordable and enjoyable introduction to digital photography and post-production processes. This course is useful if you have a good digital camera and are looking to explore the creative potential of its functions and recognise the benefits of this complex and adaptable piece of equipment.

Key course features

  • Gain 10 HE credits on completion of the course.
  • Work with a variety of lighting conditions to understand their effect upon an image.
  • Sessions delivered at our School of Creative Arts, 49-51 Regent Street, Wrexham 

What you will study

This course will introduce you to some of the principal functions of your camera and how to over-ride automatic and semi-automatic programmes that many cameras employ, to explore the creative potential of your exposures. The digital revolution has enabled old darkroom techniques to be replicated on the computer screen, and some more complex image manipulation to take place, and you will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop software in post-production of your images, as you are challenged to use your photographic skills to express ideas and concepts

Entry requirements & applying

To book visit the online shop.


Teaching & Assessment

The portfolio of work accumulated during the short course can be presented for assessment providing 10 HE credits.


Fees & funding


Course dates

This course will run for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 9pm from Wednesday 22nd June – Wednesday 27th July

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