(Short Course) Introduction to Public Speaking

Course details

  • Location Wrexham

Why choose this course?

Public speaking is a key skill professionally amidst all sectors and personally, to enable raised confidence and awareness. With excellent leadership crucial to business resilience, this course will give you the skills you need to approach public speaking effectively.

Key course features

  • Be introduced to the key principles behind effective public speaking. 
  • Explore a variety of approaches, techniques and examples associated with each principle.
  • Reflect on the application of those principles to your own work.
  • Study online for free.


What you will study

This course will explore the following topics:

  • Narrative and structure
  • Tools
  • Delivery techniques
  • Nerves
  • Listening and questions

The full delivery of the course will be online, via Moodle. It will comprise:

  •  20x 30minute podcasts: featuring Mike Corcoran plus expert guests as appropriate, discussing the key principles behind effective public speaking. Students will be expected to listen to an average of 1 podcast per working day for the duration of the 4-week course.
  • Links to recommended reading and other media: providing additional context and detail to that covered in the podcasts.
  • 8x 1hour live seminars: where students will discuss and reflect on the course content.
  • A discussion forum: in which students will be expected to engage with one another.
  • Practical task briefs: recommended weekly self-directed tasks for students to apply skills.
  • 4x 'Ask Me Anything' sessions: where students can reserve 15 minutes of 121 time with Mike Corcoran to discuss any aspects of the course as they wish.

Entry requirements & applying

Visit the online store to book.

The booking for this course closes a week before the course start date. If you would like to find out more about future dates for this course please contact enterprise@glyndwr.ac.uk


Teaching & Assessment

Virtual Presentation


Fees & funding


Course dates

We have 2 upcoming dates for this course:

Course 1 starts January 17th 2022

Course 2 starts April 25th 2022

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