(Short Course) Introduction to Public Speaking

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  • Location Wrexham

Why choose this course?

The ability to speak confidently in public (and enjoy it!) can be transformative. Through this introductory course, the 'key pillars' that lie behind effective public speaking will be explored, alongside the practical tools and techniques that allow anyone to stand up in front of a crowd, and do themselves and their ideas justice.

On completing this course, you will:
• Understand the core components that lie behind any effective presentation.
• Be able to identify the simple tools and techniques that can make your presentations easier to deliver, and more effective.
• Suggest practical solutions to all of your public speaking nightmares.

Key course features

Throughout the course, you will explore:
• Presentation and story structures, and their uses
• Practical 'communication tools'
• Simple delivery techniques
• The art of persuasion and influence
• How to manage nerves effectively
• Questions and how to ask and answer them effectively.
• Public listening and its connection to public speaking.

What you will study

The course is delivered online, and is self-directed. It comprises:
• Live weekly seminars: every Monday at 10.00am, and every Thursday at 1.00pm (over a four-week period), where students explore, discuss and reflect on, the key themes of the course.
• Daily podcasts: with public speaking experts sharing their advice and experiences.
• Daily challenges: inviting students to put theory into practice by completing simple tasks.
• Recommended reading: a broad range of articles, case studies and media clips relating to all aspects of public speaking.
• 'Ask Me Anything' Sessions: every Thursday from 2.30pm – 5.00pm, where students can book in for a 1:1 with the course tutor.
• A discussion forum: where students can exchange ideas with one another.

No single element of the course is mandatory, and students are encouraged to find the right combination of course materials to meet their own needs and circumstances.

Entry requirements & applying

No prior knowledge of public speaking is required to participate.

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The booking for this course closes a week before the course start date. If you would like to find out more about future dates for this course please contact enterprise@glyndwr.ac.uk


Teaching & Assessment

The assessed element of the course is a recorded presentation, where students present their personal action plan for building and applying their public speaking skills in the future.

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Course dates

April 25th 2022