(Short Course) Introduction to social work

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  • Location Wrexham
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Why choose this course?

Considering a career in social work? Develop your understanding of professional social work education and practice with this introductory short course.

 This course is especially useful to:

  • those contemplating a career in social work and wanting to have a substantive introduction to test out motivation and preparation
  • those in social care roles who want to move to social work but need to test their ability and confidence for level 4 study and
  • those who have applied for the BA Social Work but have been unsuccessful, and want to do more preparation.

Key course features

  • Receive module input from qualifying social workers.
  • Prepares you for applications to social work courses.
  • Blended online and face to face learning (face to face sessions delivered in the evenings).

What you will study

  • Outline the approaches, demands, nature and requirements of qualifying education for social work.
  • Introduce the expectations and process of regulation associated with professional social work practice, Social Care Wales and the specific Welsh context of social work practice.
  • Identify the key individuals and types of practice undertaken in social work.
  • Explore the key knowledge, qualities and skills required by social workers.
  • Introduce principles of social work values, anti-oppressive practice and working in partnership (participation).

Entry requirements & applying

There is no formal entry requirements and applicants who would like to informally discuss their suitability can email w.livingston@glyndwr.ac.uk.

Teaching & Assessment

Teaching and assessment is at level 4 and there will be 36 hours teaching and 164 hours of independent study time totalling 200 hours.

Students will submit a mini -portfolio, single document assignment combining three elements.

  1. A reflective account in  which the student will consider how social work is distinct from social care, and the implications of regulation (1,200 words)
  2. An annotated bibliography of five texts in a particular area of social work practice. audience (500 words equivalent)
  3. Printed copies of two posts in response to directed Module Discussion Forums. (2 x 250 words)

Course dates


If you are interested in receiving notification of future dates please email enterprise@glyndwr.ac.uk to log your interest.