(Short Course) Practice Assessor Nursing

Course details

  • Location Wrexham

Why choose this course?

This course aims to provide registered health professionals with the training to become a practice assessor for nursing students by following the guidance of the Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (Nursing and Midwifery Council 2018).

Key course features

  • Study online for free.
  • Carry out assessments on an NMC Student in practice for the length of the student nurse placement.
  • Develop your understanding of the assessor role and assessment process.

What you will study

This course will focus on three main topics to develop skills including Roles and Responsibilities, Student Assessment and Managing Concern.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • An outline of the roles of the Practice Supervisor, Practice Assessor and Academic Assessor.
  • Overview of the NMC (2018) Standards for student supervision and assessment.
  • Acting as a role model in instilling the principles of the NMC (2018) The Code – Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses, midwives and nursing associates.
  • Effectively supporting the Practice Supervisors and overseeing the supervision process.
  • The function of the role in determining students’ progression and achievement in collaboration with the Practice Supervisors and Academic Assessors.
  • Effective record keeping providing comprehensive evidence for the conferment of progression and achievement of proficiencies.
  • Engaging in reflection to enhance learning, growth and competence in self and others.
  • Demonstrating currency and competence in the role as part of revalidation.

Student Assessment:

  • Developing the knowledge, skills and competence to effectively assess students.
  • Ways of gathering assessment data – direct observation, records within the students Practice Assessment Document – students’ self-reflections, feedback from Practice Supervisors and service users.
  • Conducting objective assessments, gathering and analysis of the evidence provided by the Practice Supervisor, the student, service users and others.
  • Identifying assessment points and appropriate timing of assessments – per placement- per series and progression point assessments.
  • Accountability in assessment.
  • Assessing students with additional learning needs/disabilities or who require reasonable adjustments.
  • Ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion when conducting assessments.
  • Giving effective feedback and feed-forward to facilitate students’ development.
  • An overview of the quality assurance processes underpinning assessment in the practice setting.

Managing Concern:

  • Supporting students who raise concerns relating to the practice learning environment.
  • How to raise concerns regarding a student’s conduct, competence and performance. 3 An overview of the Fitness to Practice Policies and procedures within the AEI setting.
  • Supporting students who are having trouble in meeting expected progress.
  • Setting and reviewing action plans in collaboration with the Academic Assessor to facilitate improvement in student’s practice.
  • An overview of the All Wales Action Planning Protocol

Teaching & Assessment

There will be an online activity weekly which students can work through at their own pace.
The assessment is a competency portfolio where the candidates assesses an NMC Student in practice for the length of the student nurse placement. Candidates will need a practice assessor to sign off the competency booklet and there will be a minimum 500 word reflection.

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Course dates

This course starts on 1 February 2022.