Bursaries created for future Wrexham Glyndwr University Law students thanks to generous six-figure donation

People signing document relating to law bursary

Date: August 2022

Students applying to study Law at Wrexham Glyndwr University could benefit from a bursary which has been provided by a generous donor.

Francis Glynne-Jones has made a significant six-figure donation, with monies recently received from his deceased brother Colin to the University, in memory of his grandfather Cyril Oswald Jones, his father, Hywel Glynne-Jones, and his brother Colin Glynne-Jones, all former Presidents of the Chester and North Wales Law Society.

The donation has been made in the form of a Gift Deed and is specifically for the benefit of the University’s Law department.

It will be put to use across a 10-year period to enable gifted Law students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their ambition by covering their course fees, thanks to the creation of the Cyril Oswald Jones Fund.

A management committee has been set up to administer the funds and the first initial meeting will be to agree on the criteria to be applied for the annual bursary.

Speaking about the creation of the bursary, Francis Glynne-Jones said: "I hope it will encourage many young people to come into the law profession, here in North Wales.

"Law is still a new department at the University and I hope this will help with its development."

Wrexham Glyndwr University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Maria Hinfelaar welcomed the creation of the bursary and the opportunity it will provide gifted students who may not otherwise be able to realise their ambitions without its support.

She said: “We’re so pleased with the generosity and are really grateful to Francis Glynne-Jones and his family for supporting the University.

“It is a good partnership between ourselves and the local legal profession going back generations.

“This will give opportunities to students who need a bit of extra support to undertake their Law programme with us but it also rewards excellence in final-year students.

“There is a nice balance between support for students coming into the University, and awards presented to students for how they performed whilst with us.

“I do not think there are many universities that would be able to offer this kind of incentive for students on their Law degree so we feel so proud to be able to do so.”

The University will select students who meet the requirements for admission to the Law Degree to be considered as potential recipients of the Cyril Oswald Jones Fund.

The terms of the donation will ensure:

  • An annual Cyril Oswald Jones lecture is to be arranged by the University in consultation with the Committee.
  • There will be a £1,000 top student award in Year 3 of their Law Degree each year (sponsored by the Cyril Oswald Jones Fund).
  • An annual bursary of £3,000, for the duration of the degree programme for a Welsh domiciled student coming from a disadvantaged background within 50 miles of Wrexham who wishes to study law at the University.

The committee members will be Robert Glynne Jones, Peter Humphrey Jones, John Evans and one senior University staff member as nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.

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