Dr Ben Binsardi

Job Role
Sessional Lecturer in Business


Dr Binsardi studied economics, mathematics, finance and marketing (BSc. Hons, MSc, MBA, MA). Subsequently, he obtained a PhD from Loughborough and undertook a Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford.

In line with his research, Dr Binsardi has supervised more than 11 doctoral candidates to completion. He is now supervising outstanding research and doctoral students below:

  • Barjasic, MPhil/PhD (First Supervisor). Topic: Supply Chain and Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry.
  • Jardine, MPhil/PhD (First Supervisor). Topic: Critical Success Factors in the Food Industry.
  • Boudjada, MPhil (First Supervisor). Topic: The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Technology Using Multiple Linear Regression Matrices.

Dr Binsardi has published several textbooks and research journals in accounting, supply chain, research methodology and digital marketing. From 2009 to 2018, he served as Chair of Qualitative Inquiry Special Interest Group at the Academy of Marketing (Mixed Methodology & Triangulation).


BSc (Hons)







Dr Binsardi’s research interests are economic impact methodology, financial technology and digital marketing. His research accolades in Methodology (prizes, awards, nominations) are provided as follows:


  • (2017). Successfully supervised a PhD student, who was awarded an Alpha Kappa Omega Prize, for her PhD on “Cost Accounting Systems (CAS)”, Managerial Auditing Journal, Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing.
  • (2015). “Exploring the Recent Trend Shift in Marketing Research: Social Media Big Data and its Sampling Property”, Conference Proceedings, Best Paper Award (Nomination), Pedagogy Track, Academy of Marketing (AM) Conference, 7-9 July, University of Limerick, Ireland, with Kooli, K. and Green J.
  • (2013). “How to Sample Drug Users and Other ‘Hidden’ Populations: Methodological Implications for Qualitative Researchers”, Best Paper Award (Nomination), (‘Research Methodology’ Track), Journal Conference Proceedings, Paper no. 0378, Sponsored by the Academy of Marketing Conference, 8-11 July, University of South Wales, UK, with Harris, P. and Mason, A.
  • (2013). “An Exploration of Retail Banks' Strategic Selection Criteria: A Case Study of University Students in North Wales”, Best Paper Award, (‘Case Studies’ – Track), Journal Conference Proceedings, Paper No. 0097, Sponsored by the Academy of Marketing, 8-11 July, University of Glamorgan, UK, with Ridita, S., Preece, D. and Green, J.
  • (2012). Successfully supervised a disabled PhD candidate (cerebral palsy and in wheelchair), who was awarded an Alpha Kappa Alpha Prize, for his PhD on “Funding Systems for Assistive Technology or Augmentative and Alternative Communication”.
  • (2010). “A Practitioner Paper on Marketing Psychometrics Abroad Using a Case Study Methodology”, Best Paper Award – Practitioner Prize (Nomination), (‘Case Study’ Track), Journal Conference Proceedings, Paper No. 0362, Sponsored by Direct Marketing, Academy of Marketing (AM) Annual Conference, KTP. Project Paper No. 000601, Coventry University, July 11 to 17, with Mason, A., Saren, M., Dean, A.
  • (2008). “Theoretical Sampling in Grounded Theory; Methodological and Pedagogical Aspects for Marketing Researchers”, Journal Conference Proceedings, Paper No. 318, Academy of Marketing (AM) Annual Conference, 7th-10th July, Best Paper Award, (‘Methodology’ Track), Sponsored by Qualitative Market Research, an International Journal (Emerald), Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University, UK, with Mason, A.

In line with his research, Dr Binsardi has also completed several Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects. He is now completing several research grant projects below:

  • He successfully received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme, 2014–2020 (Grant. No. CRN 1142048) which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government. The project (extended to 2021/22 due to COVID-19) investigates managerial skills required to succeed in small business development in the food sector. The findings were used to design online-learning for enhancing the managerial skills of small business owners. Supporting small businesses is critical in transferring knowledge from academia to local businesses. In addition, small businesses are considered ‘the engine of economic growth’, improving local economies and gross domestic product.
  • The Empowering Women from Ethnic Minorities in Social Enterprises (EMWOSE) project was funded by the European Union (EU) — Erasmus Research Grant no. 2018-1-IE01-KA204-038781; on which Glyndwr University, UK has worked with six European institutions from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Greece and Turkey. The total project budget was €270,303. It initially ran from December 2018 to December 2020, however, due to the unexpected pandemic, the project finalised recently in August 2021. An initial report has been completed, however, two further detailed research papers have recently been developed: a qualitative report (based on the storytelling interviews) and a quantitative report (based on online survey questionnaires). This research shows the pivotal role fulfilled by the Business School in supporting regional economic development, achieving regional economic competitiveness and particularly, helping small businesses and women in social enterprises to compete against increasingly fierce competition and survive in the long term.



Presently Dr Binsardi teaches financial technology, cryptocurrency and Python for undergraduate students, corporate finance for postgraduate students and research methodology for doctoral students. Before coming to Wrexham, he was a lecturer at Wichita State University.


Please click the web link to Glyndwr Repository for detailed and recent research.

  • (2022). “Audit sampling strategies and frauds in Africa”, Managerial Auditing Journal, (ABS Journal Ranking 2*), Publisher: Emerald Group, Online ISSN: 0268-6902, Accepted In-Print.
  • (2021). “The resistance in management accounting practices towards a neoliberal economy “, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, (ABS journal ranking 3*), Vol. 34 No. 3, pp. 616-650.