Dr Caroline Gorden

Job Role
Reader in Criminology & Criminal Justice


Following the completion of my PhD in 2006, I worked as a Programme Specific Facilitator on the Thames Valley Sex Offender Treatment Programme. After moving to Canada to be with my husband, I worked in the areas of women’s homelessness and addiction. Since returning to the UK 12 years ago, I joined Wrexham Glyndwr University as a Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer and presently, a Reader. I am a member of the Research Advisory Committee for the Vegan Society and am particularly interested in research areas covering animal agriculture and factory farming in relation to animal abuse and climate change.

My new co-authored book Constructing Guilt and Innocence: Case Studies of Famous Trials (coming out in April 2022) is based on one of the modules our students study. Each week we study a famous criminal trial that has been fraught with disputes about the defendant’s guilt or innocence. We look at criminological, psychological, sociological and legal perspectives to help explain why the defendant was acquitted or convicted. This is a unique module that students tend to thoroughly enjoy and find deeply interesting.

I very much enjoy supervising PhD students and am interested in receiving applications on various crime and justice related issues.

I live in Shropshire with my husband and three young children.



Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Development in Higher Education, Glyndwr University (2011).


PhD Criminology, Brunel University (2006).





Green Criminology (species justice in relation to animal agriculture and factory farming; and environmental justice in relation to animal agriculture and climate change.


Women and the Criminal Justice System.






Caroline currently teaches Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice (Year 1), Criminology (Year 2), Research Methods (Year2), (Year3), Constructing Guilt and Innocence (Year 3), and Negotiated Learning (MA).


Key/recent publications:

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