Colin Heron

Job Role
Associate Dean - Student Engagement


Originally trained as an Electrical Engineer, Colin changed career and has worked for the majority of his working life in various roles on both sides of a mixing desk. As a musician, he played bass and sang in numerous bands and also worked in a solo capacity. Always intrigued by the technology the bands were using, another career sidestep occurred when he invested in a sound system and started working for bands as an Engineer. This venture expanded to include a studio to record the bands that he was working with.

In the mid 90’s Colin had the opportunity to train academically on a degree in Sound Technology at The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Upon graduation, Colin came to Glyndŵr and helped to build the facilities and subject area. Colin is an Associate Dean of Faculty  and a member of the Glyndŵr University Board of Governors. His teaching specialisms are live sound, the control and analysis of large scale sound systems, studio design and studio recording.


MSc Professional Sound and Video

BA (Hons) Sound Technology



  • Sound Technology
  • Educational Development
  • Sound System Design




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