Dr Deepanwita Datta

Job Role
Lecturer in Computer Science (Data Science and Big Data Analytics)


Dr. Deepanwita Datta is currently a Lecturer of Computer Science at Wrexham Glyndwr University. She holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), India. Her areas of expertise include Data Analytics, Data Science, Image Retrieval and Machine Learning with special focus on Information Retrieval and Text Analysis. With more than seven years of experience in academia her skill set includes professional-level data engineering and data management. Previously she was working as a Research Fellow (Data Mining & AI) at University of the West of England, Bristol. There she was involved in an Innovate UK project where her goal was to develop machine learning models for cost and budget prediction for partners like Network Rail, Highways England, Transport for London (TfL) among others. She was a part of another (under consideration) EPSRC proposal but changed her job before the results came through. She has been conferred the prestigious ERCIM-Alain Bensoussan Fellowship for postdoctoral research at NTNU, Norway. She has also been a visiting scientist at VTT, Finland.



D. in Computer Science and Engineering

Master of Technology in Information Technology

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering


Data Analytics

Information Retrieval

Text Mining


Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Big Data Challenges and Opportunities for Business Analytics.



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