Helen Coleman

Job Role
Senior Lecturer in Education


Helen Coleman gained her first degree at Durham University in 1999, in Research and Language, Postgraduate Certificate in Research at Teesside University in 2005, Master of Science in Research, at Teesside University in 2006 and her PGCE at WGU in 2011.

Helen started lecturing at the University of Chester and moved to WGU in 2010. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Education.

Helen strongly believes being part of a university, whether staff or student, is knowing you are in an inclusive community where you should be free to learn and progress while being challenged and empowered, in a physically and mentally safe and healthy environment. As such, Helen is a Dignity at Work Advisor at WGU, in addition to being a Time to Change Workplace Champion.

Helen has supported and enabled the University to strengthen its policies and procedures, as recently recognised at the WGU Above and Beyond Staff Awards 2018, when she was awarded the first ever Vice Chancellor’s Award for her courageous and pioneering work in Education.

Helen is a Fellow of the HEA, STEM Ambassador, Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Member of the International Statistical Institute, Member of the International Association for Statistical Education, Member of the British Psychological Society and Associate Member of the Association for Learning Technology.


MSc, PGCE, PG Cert, BA (Hons)


Researching the student experience and the impact of institutions recognising their role and importance in the health and wellbeing of their students.


BA (Hons) Additional Learning Needs Special Educational Needs and Disability (ALN/SEND)

BA (Hons) Education

BA (Hons) Education (with Foundation Year)

BA (Hons) Additional Learning Needs/Special Educational Needs and Disability (ALN/SEND) (with Foundation Year)

BA (Hons) Working with Children & Families

BA (Hons) Working with Children & Families (with Foundation Year)

BA (Hons) Youth & Community Work (JNC) (with Foundation Year)

(Short Course) Preparing for university


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