Professor Mandy Robbins

Job Role
Professor of Psychology


Mandy gained her first degree at the University of Wales, Lampeter in 1992 in Theology and Archaeology, her MPhil in Theology at Trinity College, Carmarthen in 1996, and her PhD in the Psychology of Religion at the University of Wales, Bangor in 2002.

In 2005 she completed a postgraduate diploma with the Open University in Psychology. In 2011 she obtained Chartered status with the BPS. Mandy is also qualified as an MBTI practitioner. She worked as a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Carmarthen 1995-1999.

From there, she moved to the University of Wales, Bangor, as Teaching and Research Fellow 1999-2007. In 2007 she moved to the University of Warwick as Senior Research Fellow before moving in 2011 to Wrexham Glyndŵr University as Senior Lecturer.


1992 BA Joint Honours Archaeology/Theology, University of Wales, Lampeter.

1996 MPhil, Trinity College, Carmarthen.

2002 PhD, University of Wales, Bangor.

2003 Myers Briggs Practitioner, OPP, Oxford.

2005 Postgraduate Diploma Psychology, Open University.

2006 Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education, University of Wales, Bangor.

2007 Certificate in Counselling Skills, OCN.

Chartered psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.


The beliefs and values of teenagers. Individual differences. Clergywomen in the Church of England. Work-related psychological health.


Level 4 Study Skills

Level 5 Individual Differences

Level 6 Dissertation

MSc Psychology of Religion an Introduction MSc Psychology of Religion Dissertation MSc Psychology of Religion and Individual Differences approach

MRes Negotiated Learning

MRes Dissertation module

I also supervise PhD and ProfDoc students


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Robbins, M. (2003). Parishioners’ attitude toward women vicars in the Church in Wales: A matter of age or experience? In R. Pope, (Ed.), Honouring the Past and Shaping the Future: Religious and biblical studies in Wales. Leominster: Gracewing, pp 253-264.

Robbins, M. (2005). Attitude to smoking among teenage girls: is religion a significant but neglected factor? In L.J. Francis, M. Robbins, & J. Astley, (Eds) Religion, Education and Adolescents: International and empirical perspectives, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, pp 94-106.

Robbins, M., & Francis, L.J. (2009). The spiritual revolution and suicidal ideation: An empirical enquiry among 13- to 15-year-old adolescents in England and Wales. International Journal of Children’s Spirituality, 14, 261-272. ISSN 1364-436X.

Robbins, M. (2012). Denominational identity and cultural heritage: A study among adolescents attending Protestant and Catholic secondary schools in Northern Ireland. In F-V. Anthony & H.-G. Ziebertz (Eds.). Religious identity and national heritage: Empirical-theological perspective. Pp 171-194. ISBN 9789004228757.