Dr Neil Pickles

Job Role
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


Following a BSc in Biology, I undertook a PhD that involved biochemical analysis of hydrocolloids, using chemical and biological techniques. After completing my PhD, I had a postdoctoral scholarship at the University of California, Riverside. On my return to the UK, I took up a lecturing position at MMU. At that time I completed a postgraduate teaching qualification (PGCAP). I then moved to the University of Chester, where I progressed to Deputy Head of Department and Lead Senior University Teaching Fellow.

In June 2019, I joined Glyndŵr as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology. I lead the Applied Science and Engineering teams at the university. I am an Advance HE senior fellow (SFHEA).

My interests involve running, triathlons and reading, especially history.


  • University of Liverpool - BSc Biology
  • University of Liverpool – PhD Biochemistry, hydrocolloids
  • Manchester Metropolitan University – Postgraduate certificate in academic practice (PGCAP)


  • Biochemistry of complex carbohydrates - structural analysis, functionality and differentiation
  • Microbiology – Viruses, bacteria, biofilms and quorum sensing
  • Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) development
  • Pedagogical research – use of technology and student expectations


I teach across a number of areas in engineering and science from foundation year to postgraduate level. 


For full details of publications, see Google scholar N Pickles

Taylor, C., Heron, C., Horder, S., Hughes, C., Owen, A. and Pickles, N. (2020) Leading Accelerated Educational Development. Educational Developments Vol 21 No.3.

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