Mr Olivier Durieux

Job Role
Senior Lecturer in Engineering


I am currently teaching mathematics, thermodynamics and automotive dynamics across all levels of the bachelor.

In 1998, I studied at Wrexham Glyndŵr University (at the time it was called the North East Wales Institute of HE!) after graduating in Mechanical Design and Production Engineering in France.

My experience includes more than 15 years of teaching and 3 years of industrial activities. When in France, I was responsible for the commissioning and the after-sales activities of the filling machines from Newtec International (A company specialised in the fabrication of filling solutions for oil, juice, wine and mineral water). It allowed me to work worldwide with the leaders in this field: Total, Elf, Grant whiskey group, Nestlé or Evian along many others!).

I am a real hands-on Engineer, and I am also the Formula Student-Faculty Advisor for the FS Team.


BEng (Hons) Aeronautical Mechanical Engineering (NEWI).

M.Phil. Stress Analysis (stress concentrations factors in welded structures) (University of Wales).

DUT Mechanical Design and Production Engineering (University of Aix-en-Provence, France).


My current research focuses on the evaluation of the mechanical/electrical properties relations of some carbon fibres. The aim of this is to develop a set of suitable intrinsic sensors capable of measuring the stress, the strain and impacts that carbon reinforced plastic structures are subjected to during their manufacturing process, transport and service life.


FD Industrial Eng / Foundation Year Mathematics.

BEng Automotive: Automotive Systems, Car Chassis, Internal Combustion Engines, Engines and Powertrains, Engineering Design, Dynamics.

MEng/MSc: Manufacture and Production Strategy, Advanced Design Analysis.


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