Professor Richard Day

Job Role
Pro Vice-Chancellor Research
C13d/ Composites Centre


Prof Day originally studied Physics at Queen Mary London before a MSc in the Physics of Materials at Bristol University. He returned to London to study for a PhD in single crystal polymers.

He worked for 23 years at the University of Manchester before moving to Wrexham Glyndwr University in 2010 and lived for more than 25 years in Stockport.

He has cycled a lot but more recently has been walking with the family dog, a  Goberian (Husky/Golden Retriever cross). His hobbies are electronics and DIY, the latter born of necessity living in a very old house! He also enjoys baking and is known for randomly bringing cakes to work, also for his videos of baking on the intranet.

His research interests are driven by looking for ways of making composites to reduce the environmental footprint and increase energy efficiency. The research is undertaken is a state of the art laboratory which is at the Advanced Composites Training and Development Centre, a joint activity between WGU and Airbus, situated at the Airbus site in Broughton.





CPhys PhD




Composites Engineering

Low energy (green) technologies for composites manufacture


All programmes (projects)

MSc composites when approved.


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