Dr Sanar Muhyaddin

Job Role
Lecturer In Business


I achieved my PhD within the department of Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation at the University of Portsmouth, investigating the commercialisation of new food products into different types of customers.

Before my current studies, I achieved a Master of Business administration (MBA) from the New York Institute of Technology and a BSc in Food Technology and Agriculture. I enjoy swimming, jogging, playing chess and playing football


Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Business Administration (MBA)



Innovation Management

Entrepreneurship and SME’s

Managing Business during Crises

Innovation and food commercialisation

Agribusiness Management

Agricultural Marketing

Innovation and Technology Adoption


I teach Both Postgraduate and Undergraduate level within North Wales Business School. 


Muhyaddin, S (2022). Food SME’s New Product commercialisation into multiple food retailers in the UK. Working paper.

Muhyaddin, S (2023). Investigating the issues and challenges that UK’s Food SMEs face during commercialising their new product into a retail customer. Working paper.

Muhyaddin, S. (2024). Key Determinants of New Product Sales Processes for Food SMEs in the UK. Working paper.

Muhyaddin, S. (2024). Strategies to Overcome Food Retail Power Based Problems in FMCG Industry. Working paper.

Muhyaddin, S., and Simko M. (2022). An Investigation into sustainability strategies used by Agricultural SMEs to survive in the Hostile Environment: Evidence from four food SME’s in Iraq- Working paper.

Muhyaddin,S., and Simko M. (2023).  Barriers to internationalisation in SMEs: evidence from Iraq. Under progress. Working paper.

Muhyaddin, S., and Sabir, I. (2022).  An understanding the Food Safety Knowledge among Food Science Students. Working paper.

Muhyaddin,S , and  Can N. (2022) . Youth Perceptions of China and Great Powers in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Working paper.

Muhyaddin,S , and Can N. (2022). Nigerian Perceptions on China’s Rise and Initiatives: A Survey among University Students. Working paper.

Muhyaddin,S. and Wasim J.(2022). Entrepreneurship intentions among students in the United Kingdom during the time of pandemic Working paper.

Muhyaddin, S, Akin, M (2022) Entrepreneurship intentions among Turkish students during the pandemic. Working paper.