Dr Sarah Dubberley

Job Role
Senior Lecturer in Criminal & Youth Justice


Sarah began her career within the Youth Justice arena. She was Mentor Co-ordinator for Cheshire Youth Offending Team and the Youth Federation, recruiting, training and supporting volunteers to work with young offenders across the county.

Her MA in Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice examined the historical development of Youth Justice.

Her continued academic interest is within the field of Youth Justice, Mentoring, Imprisonment and Women in the Criminal Justice System.

In April 2010, Sarah was awarded a PhD for a thesis that examined the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Young Offenders in the Secure Estate.

Sarah began her career within the Youth Justice arena. She was Mentor Co-ordinator for Cheshire Youth Offending Team and the Youth Federation, recruiting, training and supporting volunteers to work with young people who have offended.

In April 2010, Sarah was awarded a PhD for a thesis that examined young people’s perception of, and engagement with, the DoE programme, and, in the case of those in secure placements, the implications of this involvement for their rehabilitation.

As part of this, Sarah had direct engagement with 6 different secure establishments across England and Wales. Sarah was a grant holder and co-investigator involved in the Welsh Assembly Government funding evaluation of homelessness services for adults leaving prison with complex needs.

Sarah has successfully supervised a number of PhD theses to completion, from Homelessness, Child Care Proceedings, Anti-Social Behaviour and Child Care Settings.

2 students due to submit over the next year, these being Trauma based intervention in Youth Justice and the Continuing Professional Development for Occupational Therapists.

Sarah is an experienced PhD external examiner, having examined across the UK in a range of subjects from youth justice, imprisonment and homelessness.

Sarah maintains strong links with Youth Justice, sitting on the YJB Academic Network and Liaison committee as well as the Welsh HWB Doeth Board.



MA Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice



Youth Justice



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Sarah is currently supervising PhD projects in the area of homelessness in North Wales. She is happy to supervise in the areas relating to youth justice, imprisonment and female offenders.


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