Dr Susan Liggett

Job Role
Reader in Fine Art


Susan Liggett studied for a (Hons) Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and MA (Postgraduate  Diploma) Painting at the Royal Academy Schools, London. She also has a PhD form the University of Wales through her investigation of the work of 5 contemporary painters and their relationship to particular sites.

Susan began her career in academia over twenty years ago after working as a practicing artist, exhibiting painting and working in a studio in London. She has held various posts teaching undergraduate and Masters students in fine art and contemporary art practice.  In 2016 she became a Reader in Fine art and today her main teaching involves supervising PhD students in art and design.

Susan continues to paint, exhibit and curate exhibitions, and also writes papers for conferences and art and design research-related publications. She is an associate member of SUITE STUDIO group Salford, Manchester, and is also a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.



When Susan is not painting or visiting art galleries she plays the double bass in a community orchestra.



Masters in Painting

BA (Hons) Fine Art


HEA Fellowship


Susan’s expertise is in the field of fine art practice; specifically painting. Her research is primarily qualitative inquiry into ‘how’ artistic practice can inform bodies of knowledge and ‘what’ it can contribute to different fields of academia.

Her research has two strands: a solitary studio practice whereby she paints and exhibits, and a collaborative practice where she looks for opportunities to apply her knowledge and experience as a painter to useful contexts such as health and wellbeing and the curating of exhibitions. You can see more of her work at www.susanliggett.com.

Her interests include the intersection between art, science and technology, collaborative cross disciplinary research and how new technologies are  adopted by artists.  Recently her work has a focus on the field of Arts in Health from the perspective of artists in the Welsh context. She has also organized exhibitions, chaired conferences and published work on the interface of art/science.


Supervise PhD students

Contribute to Masters in Art Practice programme


Book Chapters

2020      Edited Book ‘Technology, Design and the Arts – Challenges and Opportunities. Editors: Rae Earnshaw, Susan Liggett, Peter Excell, Daniel Thalmann, Springer Publishers (July 2020) 

2020       ‘Positioning the Arts in the Research Process: Perspectives from Higher Education’ in ‘Technology, Design, and the Arts.’ This Chapter is a contribution to ‘Technology, Design and the Arts - Opportunities and Challenges Part 1 Chp.2. (Springer Series on Cultural Computing) (Liggett, S. 2020)

2020      ‘Framing the Conversation: the role of the exhibition in overcoming interdisciplinary communication challenges’. is a contribution to ‘Technology, Design and the Arts - Opportunities and Challenges Part II Chp.3. (Springer Series on Cultural Computing) July 2020.  

2017      Liggett, S. and Heald, K. ‘Visual Arts, Mental Health and Technology in Art, Design and Technology: In Collaboration and Implementation by Earnshaw, R., pp. 67-82, Springer International Publishing. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-58121-7.

Journal Articles

2018     Liggett. S. Wyatt, M. ‘The Potential of Painting: Unlocking Disenfranchised Grief for

People Living With Dementia’. June 2018 Illness Crisis & Loss DOI:10.1177/1054137318780577.

2018      Liggett, S. Corcoran, M. ‘Interdisciplinary Research Unmasked: a new curatorial model for multi-audience engagement’. In Studies in Visual Arts and Communication: an international journal Vol 5, No 1 (2018) on-line ISSN 2393 – 1221.

More details can be found on the Glyndwr University Repository at: https://glyndwr.repository.guildhe.ac.uk/view/creators/Liggett=3ASusan=3A=3A.html