Suzannah Evans

Job Role
Lecturer Practitioner in Occupational Therapy


I started my career in Occupational Therapy in 1994 after graduating form the University of East Anglia.  I have had a varied career to date (that being one of the attractions of OT in the first place) but have spent a substantial chunk of time working with people with dementia and their care partners.

I am currently working as a co-investigator on the GREAT into Practice Research project sponsored by the University of Exeter, having been part of the research team since the first Randomised Control Trial of Cognitive Rehabilitation for people with early stage Alzheimers back in 2005.  I have also worked as a Research Occupational Therapist as part of the Health and Care Research Wales clinical research team at BCUHB, working on a range Occupational Therapy based and other clinical research projects. 

I currently work clinically with adults with severe and enduring Mental Health needs within BCUHB.   

When I’m not an OT I can be found in either my polytunnel, an orange canoe, or with a ball of wool in my hands.


MSc in Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology (Bangor University)

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy (University of East Anglia)



Goal Setting

Occupational Therapy outcome measures


BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy


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