Dr Tamsin Young

Job Role
Senior Lecturer in Equestrian Psychology
Seminar room 2


Tamsin is Programme Leader for the BSc (Hons) Equine Science and Welfare Management degree, and is based at the rural campus in Northop.

She completed her PhD by investigating physiological and behavioural measures of stress in horses at the University of Liverpool (based at the University of Chester) in 2011. She looked at the effects of exercise, routine husbandry and housing on changes in cortisol, heart rate variability, and behaviour measured in leisure horses. She also compiled a behavioural stress score scale for use with horses to enable owners to recognise changes in their horses stress levels.

Since her PhD, Tamsin has worked with various undergraduates on their research projects, and is also involved in a multi-disciplinary research project investigating the human-horse relationship with Professor Lynda Birke at the University of Chester and Dr Joanna Hockenhull at the University of Bristol.

She holds the British Horse Society Assistant Instructors qualification and is a British Horse Society Intermediate Stable Manager.


PhD Physiological and Behavioural Measures of Stress in Horses

MSc Environmental Biology

BSc (Joint Hons) Biology / Geography


Measures of stress in animals.

Animal human relationship.


BSc (Hons) Animal Studies



Research Project

Research Skills

Equine Behaviour and Cognition

Animal Welfare

Application of Equine learning theory


Journal Publications

Hockenhull, J., Young, T., Redgate, S., Birke, L. (2015) Exploring differences and synchronicity in the heart rates of familiar and unfamiliar pairs of horses and humans undertaking an in-hand task. Anthrozoos. Vol 28, Issue 3, 501-511.

Young, T., Creighton, E., Smith, T., Hosie, C. (2012). A novel scale of behavioural indicators of stress for use with domestic horses. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 140, 33-43.

Hughes, T., Creighton, E., & Coleman, R. (2010). Salivary and faecal cortisol as measures of stress in horses. Journal of Veterinary Behaviour: Clinical Applications and Research. 5, 59-60.

Examples of Conference Proceedings

Hockenhull, J., Young, T, Redgate, S., Birke, L. (2014) Does familiarity affect the heart rates of horses and their handlers during an in-hand task? Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of the Society for Equitation Science, Denmark.

Young, T., Creighton, E., Smith, T., Hosie, C. (2012). The development and validation of a behaviour stress scale to assess the welfare of individually stabled and group-housed horses. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of the Society for Equitation Science, Edinburgh, U.K.

Johnson, P., Hockenhull, J., Young, T. (2012). Preliminary Investigation of Methodology to Assess the Impact of Novice Rider Hand Position on Conflict Behaviour in Riding School Horses. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of the Society for Equitation Science, Edinburgh, U.K.

Knowledge Transfer Publications

Young, T (2014) Is He a Stress Head? Horse and Rider Magazine. January issue.

Young, T (2009) Advances in the Equine Industry – A Foundation Degree in Equestrian Psychology. National Equine Student. 15, Spring.

Supplied copy to:

Young, T (2009) Handle with Care. Horse and Pony Magazine. February issue.